Beginning Of Home Improvement

Hello….Hello! 🙂

Let’s talk about home improvement. So I will be sharing all different types of information on home improvement. I finally got my new home, on August 2016 (super excited), and I knew the first day I saw the house, what I will be working on. The project list just grew in my head, and I saw the full vision! Now to all my ladies, it’s not impossible to get down with those tools and  work on the projects around your home.

Now n days there’s so much information on “How to do..”, that you can become an expert. But don’t just take anyones advice or guide. Make sure that you learn from the best. As I mentioned on my “About Me” page, everything I know comes straight from my dad, and new things that I learn.

My goal with this blog is to inform, guide, and educate you on every aspect of home improvement. Either you are looking to install a new hard wood floor or maintain your lawn, I will be sharing with you the why, how, and when. This is my first post, which is just an introduction on what I have in store for you. I look forward in sharing with you my upcoming blogs! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog.

See you next time! 😉